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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take for my purchase to get here?

  • Our orders take axp 1 week to process. Custom orders take axp 2 weeks. Items are handpainted to order. Shipping done by USPS is about 3-4 business days. Tracking numbers are provided to give you a whereabouts of your purchase & expected arrival date.

  • What's your refund/ return policy?

  • We have a no return policy. We consider refunds on a strict case by case basis. If something went wrong with your order... WE WANT TO MAKE IT RIGHT!

  • I came to your site and you are SOLD OUT! What gives?

  • Wooo sis breathe! We got you.  Just send us a message because we do CUSTOMS. We wont's duplicate; but we will make something similar. Consultation calls/ messages are complimentary to ensure you are getting what you envision. 

  • What's so special about these earrings anyway?

  • Each pair is one of kind original; that will not be duplicated.  All earrings are hand-painted and even within the pair; there will be slight differences between them both.  

  • How do you name your collections?

  • Each signature collection is named after a REAL amazing Queen in the life of our designer. 

  • Why would you make a accessory line SPECIFICALLY designed for Black women... wouldn't you make more money if you...

  • AHT AHT!!! ...I said what I said! I love all of God's children but I am a black woman PROUD of the skin I'm in and THIS website is here to celebrate all that goes with it. PERIODT!

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