About Us



    The 489 Collection was birthed from the all things loved by our designer and CEO; Angelique.

   Every pair of earrings from The 489 Collection is not only hand painted but created as a one-of-a-kind. Around here we celebrate uniqueness. We will never replicate a pair.

   Each collection is designed to make a statement; even down to the names of each style.

We are kicking off with our attention grabbing TIFFIANY earrings. (Yes that extra "i" is there on purpose ;)  

   "TIFFIANY " is bold, playful, and can hold her own just like the real woman she was designed after. (My big sister)

We will be adding more styles to our page every week so follow us on email & hit the "let's chat" button to share your e-mail so you don't miss ANY updates.

We thank you and appreciate stopping by our page.  Come back soon as we have so much to share with you!

~ THE 489 Collection